Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

There are several models to choose from in the midrange category of mountain bikes, making the competition heavy and allowing them to be very comparable to more expensive options. The features that midrange bikes offer are just as nice as their more expensive counterparts.

When looking for a high-performance midrange mountain bike, it’s important to look at the price and the features provided. Many bikes under $300 are fantastic options as they provide many high-quality features at a reasonable price. While many decent priced bikes are good choices, not all of them are created equally. Some less expensive bikes are cheap-quality and the materials, construction, and technical quality are not up to par with their competitors.

Even models that are manufactured by the same brand can have different qualities than other models of that same brand. It’s important to look at each individual bike as if it were the only bike offered by that brand, and see if the features and quality are up to standard. The guide below will help you to make the best informed decision when it comes to purchasing a mountain bike for under $300.

5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

Guide for Purchasing a Mountain Bike for Under $300

What size bike do you need?

Every person’s needs are a little different when it comes to choosing the size of the bike that they should go with. Bikes typically range from 26 inches to 29 inches, and are best determined by the size of the person that will be using the bike. You can try the bike out yourself to see which size fits you best, or you can base your size preference off of personal experience.


Depending on what you want to use the bike for, different features will bring you different results. For instance; if you want a mountain bike for long distance biking, you would be better off choosing a hardtail bike because it’s a lot simpler and is much lighter. If you would rather have a bike that performs better in professional sports, the full suspension feature might be best because of the added comfort of the front and rear end suspension forks.

High-end Components

The components that make up a mountain bike will determine whether it’s high-quality or not. The frame design and material used need to meet or possibly beat industry standards. Carbon fiber material is strong and durable. Aluminum is also a great material because it’s also durable and tends to be more affordable than carbon fiber material.


Your end budget will ultimately decide which bike you should go with. The bike that you choose should have all of the above qualities and still fit within your personal budget. If choosing a bike that is less than $300 you should still be able to choose a good quality mountain bike and still stay within your price range.

5 Best Mountain Bikes for Beginners that are Less Than $300

When reviewing the mountain bikes for this article I looked at a few different factors. I evaluated whether the frame and design was of high-quality material. I looked at cost. I also looked to make sure that the features available were ones that would benefit you, the rider, in the best possible way.

1. DiamondBack Bicycles 2015 Lustre Complete Hard Tail

DiamondBack Bicycles 2015 Lustre Complete Hard Tail

This particular bike isn’t much to look at right at first. It appears to be a very basic bike and isn’t flashy at all. However, this bike held up well against its competitors.

It’s a 7-speed mountain bike with a strong aluminum body and is incredibly durable. It comes with hard-tail suspension and a front-wheel fork that works to control movements and absorb shock. The linear pull brakes are easy to operate and create awesome stopping power. The drivetrain and shifter are wonderful high-quality and both are produced by Shimano. The seat is adjustable and can be moved up or down based on rider’s height and comfortability. Also, the low-rise handlebar is perfect for creating a natural position for the rider to position themselves on top of the bike.

This bike is perfect for inexperienced riders to use as a training tool. It’s also fantastic when using it for riding in nature, however downhill racing is not recommended on this bike. The wheels are a bit smaller than average, coming in at only 24 inches.

I would recommend this bike for both men and women of all ages. The brand, DiamondBack is typically a high-class brand in the more budget friendly range. This particular model fits in nicely to the category of bikes under $300.

2. Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bike

This mountain bike comes with huge wheels and added stability because of its knobby tires. The wheels measure 26x4 inches. There’s definitely a reason why this bike is one of the most popular fat tire bikes available. It is incredibly versatile and reasonably affordable.

The high-clearance front fork allows riders to have complete and total control over their bike, regardless of the type of terrain they are biking on. It’s a 7-speed mountain bike with an easy shifter. The best feature of this bike, though, is definitely its fat tires. Riders are able to maneuver through any terrain without discomfort because the tires keep the bike stable and run over smaller objects nicely. The wheels and tires take the brunt of any impact caused by riding on rough terrain.

I would recommend this bike to any bike rider looking for a versatile bike for any weather condition. The cruiser-shaped body is recognizable in biking circles and is a very unique design. You can take this bike in the mountains, on the street, or even to the beach where it will create amazing traction in the sand. It can even be used in heavy snow. It’s an amazing bike for year round enjoyment.

3. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle is a 29 inch bike that is perfect for riding around the city or using for recreational purposes. Its design is stylish and it can handle any muddy trail with ease and grace. The alloy wheels are perfect for off-road use. It also has an aluminum body that is built for dependability as well as durability.

The gear system is produced by Shimano and comes with 21 speeds. This allows for adjustments to be made when biking on any terrain or inclination. The simple SRAM shifters are positioned on the handlebar and are excellent at triggering the transmission.

This bike is designed to match any high-priced bicycle and the performance that it puts out is easily comparable. The linear pull brakes on both the back and front wheels are excellent for stopping when moving at rapid speeds, even when biking on slippery or wet surfaces. Another great feature is that the seat is sporty and incredibly comfortable.

I would definitely recommend this bike for any young biking enthusiast that wants a great started bike, but even adults love it because of the overall reliability and high-quality features. Schwinn is a popular brand and this particular model is excellent for both mountain biking and recreational use. It’s also great for training, yet comes at a reasonable price.

4. Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike

The Merax Finiss 26” Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike could easily be confused for a more high-end superior model of bike, however it doesn’t cost a fortune. The aluminum body is lightweight and heat-treated for durability. As an average-sized bike this bike is an excellent choice for bikers of any shape, size, or weight. The bike has efficient shifting system and has 21 speeds.

The frame is appealing to the eye and the technical quality behind it is superb. It comes with 26-inch wheels that are both flexible and respond well to braking, shifting and steering. They also have high-quality tires that are fit for any terrain as well as double-walled rims made from the best-quality of aluminum.

The braking system is supreme and can be executed on one wheel or the other through the mechanical disc brakes. Because it has a high-class suspension system, this bike is excellent for riding rough terrain with a lot of bumps and rocks. It can handle the ride smoothly and with ease.

I would recommend this bike to someone looking for a versatile mountain bike that has a beautiful design. I also really like the flexible wheels and how well they respond to braking. This bike is perfect for beginners and pros alike.

5. Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose is a high-class brand of mountain bike, and they’ve really lived up to their reputation with the Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle. This bike provides excellent suspension and has forks on both the front and back wheels. This makes it easily comparable to more expensive bikes that are used in competitions. The rear derailleur is produced by Shimano and it comes with 21 speeds.

This bike handles easily, without overcorrection, something that is perfect for beginner users. This bike is very forgiving of mistakes and absorbs shocks better than many of its high-end competitors. The large wheels are 29 inches, allowing the bike to ride over small pebbles and sticks while trail riding, and the bike takes the shock not the rider.

I would recommend this bike to anybody looking for a less expensive, and yet high-end comparable, mountain bike. I loved how easy it was to switch from pavement to off road and I didn’t feel like I was giving up on comfort to do so.

Why are all of These Bikes Considered Beginner Friendly?

Just because a bike is more expensive does not mean that it would help a beginner accelerate their learning any faster. The biggest difference in features would only be felt when taking incredibly difficult trails that beginners should typically avoid until they're more experienced. The models listed above would each lend an opportunity for beginners to get a strong rhythm going, learn to jump, and perfect sliding. That way, you haven't forked out a lot of money on a bike that you might end up crashing.

The best features to look for in a beginner bike are durability and strength. The other added features that would add top performance, and increase price, are better left for more experienced riders so that they know how to properly utilize them.

Every single model listed above is strong and durable. They each have amazing transmission systems and shock absorbers to help beginners learn to enjoy the ride rather than feel every little pebble they ride over. So, in essence, every one of these bikes is perfect for beginners, though more experienced riders would enjoy them as well.

My Top Pick

I really enjoyed all of these bikes, however, there was one that stood out to me over all of the others. My favorite is the Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire. None of the others were as high-quality and fantastic to ride as this bike.

Mongoose Men's Malus Fat Tire Bike

I loved that because of its very fat tires it could be used all year round and in almost any condition. This allows for easy commute or training in snow, rain, sand, dry pavement, and rough terrain. The price for such an amazing bike is unbeatable too, especially when comparing quality and ease of use to its competitors.

The fat tires make it easy to enjoy riding over pebbles and tree roots, because you don't have to avoid them. When you ride over them the fat tires instantly absorb the impact and you can continue to enjoy a smooth biking experience. Overall, this is an incredible bike for beginners and more experienced riders alike.


​Learning to mountain bike should be a fun experience, not an expensive one. Thankfully there are many different high-quality inexpensive mountain bikes on the market. Each one offers their own set of features that can make mountain biking an enjoyable sport. Before purchasing a mountain bike that is inexpensive, be sure to check out the available features and reviews that can be found on the model. This will ensure that you walk away with money still left in your pocket and a mountain bike that you will love for years to come.

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