Best Mountain Bikes Under $200

If you’re shopping with a tight budget, finding the best mountain bike isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, there are many models that will bring you excellent performance for less than $200, so long as you choose wisely.

Mountain biking is an excellent hobby and source of exercise. It’s also a lot of fun. In order to completely enjoy it though, you will want a bike that is durable, lightweight, and comes with components that you can trust. Many mountain bikes can cost you more than $500 for top-notch quality. Don’t be discouraged though. There are also bikes out there that are both high-quality and perfect for the beginner on a very strict budget.

The best mountain bike under $200 is out there. You will be able to identify the best model for you so long as it offers good performance. I do suggest researching a lot into the types of mountain bikes that are in this price range, because there are also some duds that you don’t want to be stuck with.

Because there are many duds out there, I wanted to compile a list for you of bikes that I consider the best for tight budgets. So long as you have a solid bike, like the ones in the following list, you can get started in mountain biking and have many fun trail climbing adventures. If you get to the point that you’re serious about mountain bike racing, you can upgrade. Until then, these bikes will help you to develop your skills and techniques and teach you how to truly enjoy mountain biking.

5 Best Mountain Bikes Under $200

Reviews of Best Mountain Bikes Under $200

These are the best mountain bikes that I found under $200. I spent countless hours researching, testing, and coming up with this list to ensure that you are able to find a solid mountain bike within your budget.

1. Diamondback 2015 TESS 24 Complete Hardtail

Diamondback 2015 TESS 24 Complete Hardtail

This bike is designed with younger riders in mind. It is a very popular choice because of its durability and safety features. The Shimano groupset is basic, which is perfect for beginners, and will work quite nicely on flat roads and even surfaces. This will help to train young riders on how to maneuver a mountain bike before they’re ready to hit the trails. It doesn’t handle very well on rough terrain, so keep it to smooth hills while you build up your skill level.

The suspension fork is also designed for young riders because it only has 40 mm of travel. This bike is typically best for inexperienced riders that need to practice their skills and learn the best practices for mountain biking.

The Tess 24 is an excellent option for riders that aren’t demanding and would make an excellent gift to a child that is lacking mountain bike experience.

2. 29 Inch Kent Thruster T-29

29 Inch Kent Thruster T-29

This bike resembles a more affordable version of an all-terrain bike that is more on the high-end side of the price range. It sports a lightweight aluminum frame and 29 inch wheels. It is built to take rough riding and provides precise control and a fantastic level of agility. The gearing is made by Shimano and it keeps shifting smooth, regardless of the road conditions or terrain. It also comes with Alloy V brakes and both wheels. These brakes are very high-quality and make sudden stopping very safe, regardless of how fast you were going.

Aside from the technical aspect of this bike, in terms of looks the T-29 isn’t the worse bike that you could choose. Put everything together and you have a fantastic bike that has quite a few features for the price. It’s an excellent bike that will allow you to have fun practicing your mountain biking techniques, without breaking the bank.

3. Schwinn High Timber Men's Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Men's Mountain Bike

This little beast of a bike is good-looking and comes with the possibility of it lasting forever. Its construction is both simple and elegant. It’s also strong enough to take a few hits to it so you can use it on both solid neighborhood roads as well as dusty trails.

Even though it’s modestly priced, this bike comes with top-range gears. The 21-speed twist shifter is produced by Shimano and the amazing high-quality forks are made by Schwinn. The brakes are Alloy V brakes and will stop your bike reliably, regardless of the terrain. The tires are also tough enough to endure any type of trail you take them on.

This bike comes with a lifetime warranty for good reason. They never expect that it will give out.

4. Genesis V2100 Men’s Bike

Genesis V2100 Men’s Bike

The V2100 Mountain Bike from Genesis comes ready to take a beating on the trail. It’s sturdy, durable, comfortable, and great speed. It also will fit your budget of less than $200.

This bike is a full suspension mountain bike. The lightweight body is made out of aluminum and is very sturdy.

The handlebars are steel and they’re adjustable, so you can adjust based on what makes you comfortable. The Velo Pad seat is a very comfortable alternative to the standard seat cushions, and this bike comes with it. The saddle is excellent if you want to take long rides.

The Genesis V2100 Men’s Bike comes with a Shimano drivetrain which makes the bike fast by giving you 21 speed levels. You can quickly cycle through them thanks to the easy crank.

The brakes are Promax brakes and are applied to the front for maximum control over your speed. Linear brakes are applied to the back. Combined together these brakes will stop you immediately regardless of terrain, weather, and how steep the hill is that you’re coming down. The 26 inch tires help with this as well.

5. Mantis Orchid Women’s Bike

Mantis Orchid Women’s Bike

This mountain bike is considered an entry level bike and it comes on a 17-inch aluminum frame for shorter women and girls. There is an adjustable seat however, so taller people can also enjoy the fun of this bike.

The full suspension frame helps to keep jolts at bay and vibrations to a minimum. You can ride this bike on paved road or dirt trails. This bike comes with a Tourney Rear Derailleur by Shimano which will help you with the light trail riding and city roads.

The Mantis Women’s Bike is a very fast bike thanks to the 21 speed gearing system. Women are able to shift quickly by using the twist shifters. This bike also uses V-Brakes for outstanding stopping power.

This bike is able to stay light because the 26-inch tires are the tightest that I’ve seen, not to mention the light frame on it as well. Because the tires are so light, the brakes have no problem safely stopping the wheels.

Reasons for Going with a Cheaper Model

Having a strict budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you will end up with a bad bike. While it is true that having an unlimited budget would definitely allow you the opportunity to purchase a perfect bike, you also have choices available to you that are high-quality and won’t break the bank.

Cheaper mountain bike models are perfect for beginners, as they don’t typically come with any advanced features or require an expert skill level in order to maneuver them. Also, bikes that are more budget friendly feature sturdy frames like steel or aluminum and are designed for safety, speed, and durability.

While heavier frames might bother a professional mountain biker, beginners won’t mind much because they need the stability behind the frame. Basically, cheaper models provide simple control over the bike, stability, and durability. This allows you to ride the bike with extreme confidence that it will get you from point A to point B.

Finally, it is always best to invest in biking equipment on a gradual level. As you gain experience you can start investing more and more into your bike. At first however, you won’t utilize the more advanced features so it doesn’t make sense for you to purchase them.

What to Look for When Buying a Mountain Bike Under $200

The first thing that you will want to look at is the material of the bike. That way you can assess how much wear and tear it can endure. Finding a cheap model will be completely pointless if you end up having to replace it within a short amount of time because it broke down.

You will want to look at the frame, transmission system, suspension, brakes, and wheels before purchasing. Check out the reviews on the bikes that you’re looking at and see if that bike is gaining a reputation for breaking down or having parts malfunction.

Also, think about the size of the bike. Depending on your height you might want to consider a bigger or smaller mountain bike. The size of the bike is usually dependent on the size of the wheels. The low budget variety of mountain bikes comes in different sizes, making it easy to find a mountain bike specifically in your size.

Walking into purchasing a mountain bike with explicit knowledge of what you want it for is crucial. Many times, cheaper bikes aren’t as well-rounded as their more expensive counterparts. They might be weak when taken into rough terrain, even if they perform perfectly on more even surfaces. Some mountain bikes can behave better on concrete while not providing a safe landing on slippery surfaces. Other bikes work quite well on difficult trials, but don’t provide as much grade and speed. Knowing what you want the bike for will help you find the features that work best for you.

Final Verdict

Cheaper bikes aren’t better or even as good as their more expensive counterparts. Nobody is arguing that they are. The purpose of this article is to give insight into bikes that there are some decent beginner bikes out there that won’t break the bank. How you perceive value contributes to the actual value of the bike. If you are a beginner, you won’t need quite as many features and the advanced features can actually bog you down as you struggle with learning them. Just because you can’t afford a top-class bike doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the wonderful experience of mountain biking, not when there are so many options to choose from for less than $200.

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