Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000

best mountain bikes under 1000

Selecting a mountain bike that can meet all of your needs is the most important thing to mountain biking enthusiasts. As an enthusiast myself, having a mountain bike that can climb mountains, cruise streets, go as fast as I want, and stop as fast as I want would mean that I had discovered the perfect mountain bike

I want to be able to climb mountain trails with small obstacles and not worry about them causing trouble.

The bike needs to look the part and be sleek and well designed to turn a few heads. The bike that I’m describing sounds like the perfect bike. The issue with the bike that I’m describing is that it sounds like a bike that is going to be incredibly expensive. The crazy thing is that there are plenty of high-performance mountain bikes out there that are actually less than $1000.

These bikes can be just as durable, lightweight and performance die-hards as their competition that is way more expensive. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for all of the above, just like me, I highly suggest the Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike. It’s an excellent mountain bike and doesn’t take as huge of an investment as far as high-performance Mountain bikes go.

If you’re looking for a mountain bike that’s a little bit more budget friendly, is really a blast to ride, and is durable then I suggest the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension bike. This one is an excellent mountain bike that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

When on the hunt for the perfect mountain bike you will be looking for something that can plow through rocks, mud, rough terrain, and in between trees without a fuss. My suggestion is, though, that if you don’t have to stick to a strict budget be sure that you don’t choose the cheapest model out there. Yes, the cheapest one will be better on your bank account. However, it won’t be better on your safety. When mountain biking you are counting on your bike to safely get you up the mountain and back down again.

10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000

The Best Mountain Bike for Avid Bikers

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for the best mountain bike with the highest performance I suggest the Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike. There’s nothing to really complain about with this bike. It is a very dependable bike that allows solid control over rough terrains. The disc brakes are excellent and help with gritty paths that have a lot of gravel and sticks when going downhill.

The Best Mountain Bike for Beginners

 Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle

If you’re a beginner at mountain biking I suggest the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension. This bike provides the best value for the least amount of money. It’s excellent for beginners and perfect for learning the ropes on before forking out a larger investment on a more experienced bike.

10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 Dollars

Knowing how important a good quality mountain bike is so that it doesn’t leave you stranded at the top of a mountain, I spent hours researching and analyzing the top rated mountain bikes that are priced at under $1000. Through my hours of analysis I was able to determine which bikes held up to the test.

1. Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

This is the best mountain bike for avid bikers. With this bike you will be able to have bike riding adventures in places that normal bikes can’t go. The Diamondback Sorento Hard Tail is a wonderfully constructed mountain bike with a solid frame and a suspension fork.

It comes in different sizes, so it is a great selection for people both short and tall. It takes into account that what might fit comfortably for one person may not fit comfortably for another.

Easy to assemble, this bike took me less than an hour to put everything together so that I could start enjoying it. Once assembled, you can take this bike for a spin on various surfaces.

The tires are excellent as well and will take you on hours and hours of adventures up in the mountains. The shifting is very responsive and easy on the hands, so they don’t end up tiring too easily. It comes with a standard water bottle holder so that you don’t end up getting dehydrated while enjoying the view from the top of your favorite mountain.

This bike is incredibly durable with excellent and easy to use linear pull Tektro brakes. If you're at the top of a mountain, you don't have to worry about it getting you safely back down. It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame and pedaling is very nice with this bike.

You can rely on the shifting with the Shimano 7-speed shifter and derailleur. The Trail XC Suspension fork helps you to keep control of the bike when riding on bumpier roads. The Diamondback has 27.5" wheels which will help you spend hours biking through the mountain trails.

This is definitely the best mountain bike for avid riders. Once I put it together I spent hours just cruising around on it and then took it up to my favorite mountain trail. It held up well and I felt confident in its performance.

2. BEIOU Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Complete Bicycle

BEIOU Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Complete Bicycle

This bike is an entry level bike and is perfect for someone that really wants to get into mountain biking, but doesn’t want to pay astronomical prices to do it. It’s made of carbon fiber, a strong and durable material, plus it comes with a 27 speed Shimano 370 BO-CB004.

The handlebars are designed with a flat grip and allow you to have the best possible grip when riding. Also, the 26 inch wheels are very stable and reliable for getting you over rough terrain.

The bike itself is very lightweight. It’s also incredibly comfortable to ride. This may be an entry level bike, but I believe that even people at the expert level will enjoy riding this bike.

3. Diamondback Atroz Mountain Bike – Nashbar Exclusive

 Diamondback Atroz Mountain Bike - Nashbar Exclusive

The Diamondback Atroz Mountain Bike is also an entry level bike. It comes with a full suspension system as well as 650B tires. Combined with the 27.5 inch wheels you are provided with an amazing riding experience, one that you will remember for years to come.

The rigid material that it’s made from makes this a very lightweight bike. That means that you can maneuver and control your bike in ways that you may have struggled with before.

Another excellent feature of this bike is the 120 mm front travel. This feature allows you to ride even when you’re relaxed. Also, the rear shock absorber is perfect for riding in rough terrain no matter if you’re cruising downhill or pedaling uphill.

4. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn has been a popular brand of mountain bikes for years. This brand loves to take the guess work out of bike riding, and this model allows you to ride for fun and pleasure, without having to try and figure out the technicalities of the bike.

This bike comes with a dual suspension frame. The frame is stiff, light weight, and durable all rolled up into one excellent package. The best part of this bike is the 24-speed drivetrain that comes with a Shimano EF-50 trigger shifter. I love this feature because it allows you to easily change gears without struggle or complications.

The Protocol 1.0 features Promax brakes, which will work well whether you’re traveling in wet, muddy, or gravely conditions. You are guaranteed to stop when you need to stop.

5. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike

This Diamondback mountain bike comes with 27-inch wheels that will take you far up into the mountains if you so desire. It comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. That means that you can more than likely find the perfect fit for your height.

It also comes with the standard water bottle holder to help you stay nice and hydrated while cruising mountain trails. I will say that the seat is fairly thin and not very comfortable, so I suggest purchasing a different seat to fit your comfort level better.

The derailleurs will need adjusted before riding, so take the bike in to your local bike shop for a quick adjustment. The bike is also a bit heavy, but it’s durable which ends up mattering more in the long run. The shocks are great though and the bike will absorb more of the vibration.

As far as the brakes go, I wasn’t too impressed with the ones that came with the bike so I did do an upgrade on them. After I changed out the seat and got the brakes upgraded this bike was a charm to ride!

6. 2017 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

2017 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This Gravity FSX comes with a beautifully sleek design. Not only is it nice to look at, this bike will lead you on some amazing mountain adventures. It’s very durable and dependable.

This bike is considered an entry level mountain bike. It comes at an excellent price and still stands up against its competitors of much steeper prices.

There are 24 speeds that are provided by a Shimano drivetrain. You can go fast, you can go slow, and you can go places that most bikes would find difficult to venture.

Also, the Gravity FSX has dependable brakes which stop on a dime. While riding this bike I felt like my safety was taken into consideration during development. I was on the back of a dependable, stoppable, durable bike.

7. GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

This particular mountain bike comes with a floating beam design that is definitely unique, to say the least. It’s dual suspension to ensure a smooth ride. The bike also has a nice Zoom suspension fork for smoothness, stability, and pleasure.

There are 21 fun speeds on this aluminum frame. The frame is durable and lightweight, making it easy to really enjoy your riding experience. The shifters are micro shift push shifters and they allow you to shift with ease and don’t cause you to struggle while handling this bike through the mountains.

The strong alloy wheels are an added bonus. They help you to ride over roots, rocks, pebbles, and streams without much effort and also without the fear that you might crash.

8. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Overdrive Comp Hard Tail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycle 2016 Overdrive Hard Tail Mountain Bike

It’s apparent that Diamondback is one of my favorite brands, as a huge majority of this list has been dominated by Diamondback. This particular mountain bike won’t let you down either.

The Overdrive Comp Hard Tail is a hard tail mountain bike and performs beautifully when taking into consideration price, dependability, and speed. This particular bike is designed for all skill levels, anywhere from beginner to expert. Everybody will enjoy riding this incredible mountain bike.

The aluminum frame is lightweight, strong, and reliable. It also has precise steering so that you have complete control over your bike, which helps to prevent crashing.

This particular model of Diamondback also focuses on safety, versatility, and stability. The 10-speed drivetrain allows this bike to be very versatile. The 29-inch wheels create stability and balance and the hydraulic disc brakes provide added safety and security. You will end up having complete faith in this bike.

9. Gravity FSX 29 One Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Shimano Deore 27 Speed

Gravity FSX 29 One Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Shimano Deore 27 Speed

Paying attention to the details of a bike (ie wheels, brakes, suspension, gears, performance, and design) is incredibly important when choosing a bike. The Gravity FSX lives up to all of the hype surrounding this bike, and will make a worth investment.

It is designed with an advanced aluminum frame that provides durability and a lightweight easy to control bike. The dual suspension makes this bike stand out from most of its competitors and can be described as nothing less than top-notch. You can easily ride those hard to handle rough riding trails as well as smooth pavement.

The disc brakes are very powerful and the Shimano Deore27-speed drivetrain allow you to have a smooth shifting bike ride, even on rougher terrain.

10. 2016 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

2016 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike will take your biking experience to the next level. It’s been designed with you, the rider, in mind. This bike features high-quality performance components that will make your riding experience enjoyable and unforgettable.

The Canti Beam Single Pivot technology is included in the frame, which gives it more of a comfortable ride. The brakes are also very powerful and help you to avoid any obstacles that might require you to stop on a dime.

The 24 speed drive train is also excellent and shifting is smooth as butter. The front and rear derailleurs help with this as well.

How to choose the Best Mountain Bike Under $1000

Based on the above reviews, you can already get a feel for what types of mountain bikes are out there. Making the ultimate decision, however, can be tricky. You can’t just look at a bike, grab it off the shelf, and expect it to be the perfect bike for you. It may look like a nice bike but the performance may be terrible and it may not be a comfortable ride. There are several steps that you can take to find the best mountain bike for under $1000.

Step 1: Know exactly what you’re looking for

I know that this step is easier said than done and that you may be thinking that this should be the only step that you need to take. The importance of knowing exactly what you’re looking for is dependent on what type of biking you need the bike for. You need to know what type of bike you are looking for based on your own personal preference, size, and need.

If you want to go deep-mountain exploring, you are going to need a bike that will live up to the task. However, if you need a bike that’s just good on hills and can get you from point-A to point-B your needs will be different in terms of performance.

Step 2: Understand Bike Features and how They Should Work for you

After you’ve determined what you need the bike for, take a look at the features that each bike has listed. It’s important to understand the mumbo jumbo behind all of the technical jargon. Figure out what the different components mean. Study how each type of frame or fork can help you with biking.

Five features that you should definitely consider are the frame, suspension, the size of the wheel, the braking system, and gears.


The frame is what makes or breaks a bike. It’s the biggest key factor in scoring a top-notch bike. There are four main materials that are used to make up the frame of bikes: steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium.

Aluminum is usually the material of choice among mountain biking enthusiasts. It’s lightweight, durable, and affordable. Steel is typically the heaviest of the materials and may make the bike more difficult to handle. As for carbon fiber and titanium, both of those materials are more expensive and will increase the price of your bike when using an aluminum frame would have been a better choice.

The size of the frame is something else to take into consideration. The frame should not be so far stretched out that you are sitting uncomfortably on the seat. It also shouldn’t be too scrunched in, as that will increase discomfort which isn’t good when going on long bike rides.


The suspension determines how smooth of a ride you will have. It helps the frame to absorb vibration, or not. There are two options available when it comes to suspension: hardtail and full suspension.

With hardtail suspension, the suspension is put in the front wheel. Its purpose is to make sure that your ride goes smooth and your hands don’t take in a large portion of road vibration. This type of suspension typically requires that you don’t ride on as rugged terrain as you may wish to.

Full suspension means that the suspension is placed in both the front and back wheels. While this type of suspension is more expensive, it is my suspension of choice. This type of suspension is definitely a bonus to amateurs and inexperienced riders as it helps them to gain experience.

Wheel Size

When selecting your perfect bike you will want to take into consideration the size of the wheel. There are typically four different wheel sizes: 24”, 26”, 27.5”, and 29”. The wheels will determine what type of terrain you can go over and what size person can handle them.


These sized wheels are perfect for somebody with shorter legs. Children can even use them. Some adult bikes will come with them as a standard wheel if they are designed with more simple components.


These sized wheels provide a more comfortable and smoother ride when trying to gain speed. They use to be the most common sized wheels found on mountain bikes.


These wheels are popular because they fall between 26” and 29”. They are lighter than the 29” wheels and allow you to overcome obstacles that lie in your path. They also provide a smoother ride than the 26” wheels. Both tall and short people can use these wheels and still remain comfortable.


These wheels became the most popular wheel because they provide more momentum and cover more surface while riding. They do accelerate slower than any of the other wheels because they have to spin harder. They are also fairly heavy and better used by riders that are tall and are adults.

The Brakes

The most important thing to think about when purchasing a bike is your safety. The brakes are meant to keep you safe and prevent crashing when cruising downhill. There are two different types of brakes available: rim brakes and disc brakes.

Rim brakes are the more traditional style of brakes. The brake pads will simply grip the rim to stop. They are typically cheaper than the other brakes but have low stopping power.

Disc brakes grip the disc that is padded on the wheel. It is considered a more effective braking system. These brakes aren’t affected by the weather and experts usually recommend them over rim brakes.


The gears that you find in a mountain bike are very similar to the gears that you find in cars. They both help to drive the bikes. They are incredibly important as they can offer a variety of speeds and allow you to cruise different terrains. Most mountain bikes come with 24 speeds, though more advanced bikes might possibly have 27 speeds.

Step 3: Determine your Budget

You, of course, have to take into consideration the budget that you are working with. Determine that budget so that when you’re looking for a top of the line mountain bike you know where you need to start.

What makes a mountain bike different than other bikes?

The mountain bike is solely named for the fact that it can help you to climb mountain trails. It isn’t designed for daily commute or running errands. It is designed for people to enjoy a variety of terrains no matter what the surface texture is. The mountain bike developers determine the makeup of the bike by thinking about people that want to conquer rocky and rugged terrain. It has gears that many road bikes do not which allow it to work flawlessly in all types of environments. Loose gravel and mountain riding are both perfect examples of the type of environment that mountain bikes are made for.

What different styles of mountain bikes are available that cost less than $1000?

There are five styles available that are each built for different purposes.

Trail Mountain Bike

This type of mountain bike is the most common one that you will find on the market. It works like a multi-purpose bike and can be used in various environments such as dirt roads and smooth pavement.

Cross-Country Mountain Bike

This particular style is meant to be used for long distances. It is designed with a lighter frame so that it can easily be accelerated and so that it is strong enough to handle the weight of the rider for those long distances. It can be used on various terrains like loose gravel, sandy beaches, and rocky trails. This type of bike is used a lot for competitive events.

All-Mountain Bike

All-mountain bikes are designed for a specific type of terrain, which is much different than the cross-country mountain bike. It is specifically designed for climbing mountain trails. It is heavier than most mountain bikes but it allows you to head up steep slopes with ease because of the weight. It has a strong frame and sturdy suspension and is offers a very comfortable riding experience in the mountains.

Free Ride and Downhill Mountain Bike

This particular bike is made specifically for downhill riding. It is built with a stronger suspension and strong frame to hold the rider’s weight while enjoying the free ride downhill. It also has much bigger wheels which provide safety and comfort. Many riders that enjoy these bikes will drive them up the mountain in a different vehicle and then use them solely for the fast thrill of free falling.

Dirt Jump Mountain Bike

This type of dirt bike is designed with the stunt master in mind. It’s perfect for performing tricks. It typically has a smaller wheel and longer handlebars. This allows you to use it with ease in all different types of terrain. You can use it on logged roads even. It is very lightweight and versatile which allow the stunt person to do tricks and jump.

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing the Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000

  • Design
  • Components
  • Size
  • Budget

The design of the bike is really important. Pay attention to the specific design and features of the bike that you are looking at getting, and don’t forget about the reason why you want a mountain bike in the first place. Beginners should choose hardtail bikes which are less expensive and are more comfortable on your hands.

Final Verdict

There is a huge variety of mountain bikes out there that can fit your budget and that are less than $1000. You will need to make the ultimate decision of whether a bike is a good fit for you or not, and the buyer’s guide plus reviews should be able to help you with that decision.

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